About Eureka Shared Learning Solutions

Equal Opportunities Policy

Value In Diversity

  • Rationale
    Eureka Associates recognise that various forms of disadvantage and prejudice exist within society. We will promote social justice and equality of opportunity by adhering strictly to our Equal Opportunities policy.

  • Objective
    We will ensure that no one acting for Eureka! discriminates directly or indirectly, verbally or physically, against any person with whom they work for any reason, and in particular on the grounds of any of the following:

  • Accent, Age, Class, Colour, Disability, Ethnic Origin, Gender, Nationality, Political Beliefs, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Trade Union Activity.

  • Implementation
    We will implement our Equal Opportunities policy through:

    • Recruitment and selection of associates and staff
    • Work allocation, and support and development of staff and associates
    • Attitudes and policies of clients
    • The content of our consultancy and training methods and materials
    • The introduction of quality systems tailor made to each organisation's needs, ensuring effective teamwork, continuous improvement and user satisfaction

  • Monitoring
    We will monitor our Equal Opportunities Policy through:

    • Our associates and staff profile
    • Feedback from clients on our practice

Eureka Associates will ensure that all our work is guided by this policy and that clients are aware of it.

Client Charter

Eureka Associates guarantee to provide:
  • Research, consultancy and training tailored to clients' needs
  • Specialised expertise, based on both theory and practice
  • Value for money
  • Focused reports, written in plain English
  • Continuity: services from the same consultants throughout the project
  • Personal attention from the organisation's principal consultant
  • Help with implementation (not just recommendations)
  • A service based on:

    • Integrity
    • Accountability
    • Belief in social justice and equal opportunities
    • True commitment to quality
    • Energy and vision
    • Flexibility
    • Creativity and resourcefulness
    • Friendliness and professionalism
    • Post contract service