About Eureka Shared Learning Solutions

Change & Organisational Development
  • Capability Building for a number of organisations: eg. conducting feasibility and evaluation studies; helping to set up the project and/ or to increase management effectiveness and organisational capability; assisting with fund-raising strategies and grant applications, procedures and policies; producing organisational Development (Business) Plans. Clients include:

    • the Economic Development and Equalities Depts of Birmingham City Council
    • the Scarman Trust
    • Stepping Stones
    • the Hindu Women’s Network
    • the Bangladeshi Women’s Association
    • the Somali Women’s Association
    • SAHYOG
    • WAITS
    • CETA
    • OSCAR
    • Human City Institute
    • Buddha Vihara Playscheme in Wolverhampton
    • W.M. Vietnamese Community Association
    • Windows for Sudan
    • Sikh Youth Forum
    • SYDO (Somali Youth Development Organisation)
    • Adventist Women 2 Women Community Project
    • Elim Pentacostal Church
    • ROSHNI
    • MASDAL (a Somali Organisation)
    • Birmingham and Solihull LSC

  • A series of major organisational reviews (MOTs) of Birmingham City Council’s main service departments to assess fitness for purpose for the Policy & Resources Sub-Committee during 1991-93 (including: Education, Social Services, Environmental Services, Community Affairs, Public Affairs, Legal Services, Libraries).
  • Participated and led a number of Organisational Reviews for Birmingham’s Neighbourhood Offices including: a programme of management workshops; being the lead officer for a major review of that Network; produced a business plan and annual review procedures for the Network.

Effective Management & Personal Growth and Development

Designed and facilitated a number of workshops and residential events for a number of organisations (Birmingham Settlement, BETI and others). Examples include:
  • The development and delivery nationally of a series of training sessions for the Connexions service.
  • "Community Representatives – Women into Power", an in depth capability building programme for WMWRN (West Midlands Women’s Regeneration Network)
  • Workshops such as "Communicating with those in Authority" and "Women in Leadership"
  • - Facilitating a learning set for Black and Ethnic minority Birmingham City Council Social Services Dept staff participating in a Mentoring Scheme - Personal mentoring
  • Development and delivery of a learning programme funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, "Competence through Confidence"
  • Undertook research, feasibility studies and community consultations (for example the Arts and Health consultation for the Halton Council)

Equalities and Empowerment
  • PhD in social exclusion and change ("the personal, the local, the political… transformation and regeneration of systems of inequality"). The research looked at sexism, racism and the class system as experienced by individuals and enshrined in structures; it also studied struggles for social justice, on one hand, and mechanisms of the status quo to reproduce unequal systems, on the other, mediated through ideology, social policy and protest activity.
  • Worked as an activist in regeneration activities in Saltley over a number of years; participated and was instrumental in setting up more groups and initiatives she can remember, from: taking over and renovating a derelict workmen’s building, Norton Hall, and turning it into a Community Centre (now used as a Women’s and Children’s Centre); producing the community paper "Saltley Gas"; setting up "Saltley Action Centre" (now a law Centre); organising children’s activities; participating in tenants associations…
  • Took a lead role in forming a group of black and white, female and male staff from Neighbourhood Offices; the group produced guidelines on "How to recognise and fight racism and sexism".
  • Until recently, Chair of the Women’s Health GAP, a subgroup of the Minority Ethnic Council set up by Birmingham Specialist Community Health Trust; Chair of the 50/50 group which aims to increase gender representation on public decision making bodies. Currently, adviser and honorary member of the Arab Women’s Association; founder and management committee member of BETI (Birmingham Empowerment Training Initiative).

  • Designed, administered and analysed an in depth Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction Survey of employees in the Neighbourhood Advice and Benefits Division of BCC.
  • Developed a set of performance indicators (known in Neighbourhood Offices as "the Checklists") under the areas of environment, interface of the staff to the public and technical aspects. These were designed to be user friendly and capable of being used as either tools of quality assurance by the teams themselves, or as tools of audit by management.
  • Developed performance indicators for the Benefits and Neighbourhood Advice Division of Birmingham City Council, based on the EFQM model.
  • Facilitated the introduction of PQASSO (Quality Assurance for small organisations) for a number of community organisations (e.g. WAITS).