About Eureka Shared Learning Solutions

Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • Welcoming diversity
    We believe that the differences, which make each individual, group and organisation unique should be valued as welcome additions to the richness of our society. Respecting and addressing diversity is a fundamental principle, which permeates all aspects of Eureka! Associates' dealings with the client, from taking into account individual learning styles in the design of training courses, to the language used in the writing of reports.

  • Interconnectedness
    Eureka! Associates may view individuals and organisations as unique and 'holistic' entities, but we regard them as both based within their immediate operating environment, and linked into wider networks and structures through a web of (power) relationships. Put differently, our work is conceived within a worldview, which sees the individual, and the group s/he belongs to, as a whole entity, interacting with others in both mainstream and excluded society. This is in line with the Government's notion of "joined up" thinking, as well as with pioneering theories on management, for instance, with models of Complexity which, having incorporated ideas of interdependencies in networks and hierarchies, view organisations as complex adaptive systems.

  • Consultation, Participation, Ownership
    We believe that what determines social exclusion and discrimination is, ultimately, the unequal power mediated through the different web of relationships mentioned above, and that social change will not be achieved without fundamental shifts in power. It is therefore no surprise that Eureka! Associates aims to consistently adopt a style, which is emancipatory and enabling. By using a variety of facilitation and learning techniques, we seek to nurture individuals and organisations through stages of development. Through genuine consultation and involvement in all stages of the Consultancy project, we actively seek to encourage clients to take ownership of their learning and of any problems and their solutions, as appropriate. Above all, however, through the conscious withholding of power, we aim to create the preconditions, which will allow the empowerment of those with whom we work.

  • Transferability, sustainability and long term client autonomy
    Partly through this process of active participation, flowing from the principle of wishing to create preconditions for ownership as mentioned above, we aim to give clients practical support in whatever way is appropriate, so that they can use in the longer term any benefits gained through their work with Eureka! Associates. Such benefits (or outputs and outcomes) obviously differ according to the nature of each consultancy or training project; they generally include increased awareness of social and political action, learning or understanding, solutions, conclusions or lessons. The WMWRN's Community Representation Programme happens to fit snugly in this approach, with participants expected to use their increased skills and confidence in order to access and give a voice to the women they represent.