About Eureka Shared Learning Solutions

About Eureka Associates

Eureka! Associates is an independent community consultancy working for the not for profit sector. It undertakes research and facilitates individual and group learning and development, particularly in the field of social exclusion.

Our style of operation is based on a theoretical but also practical and personal understanding of power relations and
of the structural and internal barriers which prevent excluded groups from full participation in mainstream society.

Eureka! Associates was founded by Dr Electra Soady and is maintained as a small independent consultancy out of choice, with monetary profit being of secondary consideration in its operation. Where possible, we work in partnership with freelance consultants and /or community organisations who share our worldview. Electra also spends a considerable amount of time as a volunteer in the community.

Eureka! Associates are in a position to offer value for money because there are no expensive overheads, with no paid staff and with the office maintained in a modest location. However, there is no compromise to quality and principles when it comes to delivery.

Our research methodology is that of Participatory Appraisal. The overall approach is based on integrity and accountability, high standards, and the understanding and celebration of differences. Above all, it is grounded on a passionate belief in equality and social justice.


  • Effective Management & Personal Growth and Development - mentoring and interactive workshops specifically aimed at socially excluded people, ranging in areas from team building, to achieving
    under pressure, to communicating with those in authority.

  • Change & Organisational Development - research, strategy and policy, performance review, managing conflict and change, urban regeneration

  • Empowerment and Equalities - power relations, cultural diversity, confidence building and assertiveness, (women in) leadership, class, gender and race issues, social exclusion, capacity building

  • Quality - customer care, user consultation and perception surveys, continuous improvement (TQM, EFQM, PQASSO)